Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's over!!!

Wow, I can't believe that I made it through NaBloPoMo 2008! I had a great time challenging myself to commit to blogging everyday. I learned a few things about myself and my blog this month.

I learned .....
1) That coming up with something witty and entertaining everyday is harder than it seems.
2) Having a theme for a few days of the week make posting easier.
3) A few cute Naomi pictures are always a hit with readers, but not to judge my post by the number of comments I receive.
4) Blogging is fun and I enjoy it.
5) I would like to get my blog redesigned to reflect my own personality, not just a generic template

Thanks to everyone who checks my blog! I really apppreciate all your comments and encouragement. Thanks for stopping by :)

Are you interested in participating in NaBloPoMo for the month of December. The theme for the month is "thanks". Are you able to think of 31 things that you are thankful for? Google: NaBloPoMo and sign up! Then let me know that you are participating so that I can check out your blog too!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's begining to look a lot like.......

Today we put up all our Christmas decorations. It sure looks different around here with the glow of the lights from the tree and all the other decorations that fill up the rest of the house. It is our tradition to put on the Christmas music and to decorate together as a family. This year Naomi was very eager to "help" with everything that she could get her hands on. I think we are going to have a hard time keeping her away from all the interesting all the things that she is not allowed to touch.

Naomi got a special ornament last year, a little toy duck that says "Baby's First Christmas" on it. It was important to me that she have one. When I was growing up my brother and I each had a special ornament that we received on our first Christmas and we picked the perfect place for it on the tree each year. I am excited to carry on this tradition with Naomi. Here is a picture of her placing it on the tree this year.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Faithlift Friday - His Love Endures Forever

Take a moment to read this Psalm. My prayer for you is that you will experience this love in a new and powerful way today. Blessings.

Psalm 136
1 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good.
His love endures forever.

2 Give thanks to the God of gods.
His love endures forever.

3 Give thanks to the Lord of lords:
His love endures forever.

4 to him who alone does great wonders,
His love endures forever.

5 who by his understanding made the heavens,
His love endures forever.

6 who spread out the earth upon the waters,
His love endures forever.

7 who made the great lights—
His love endures forever.

8 the sun to govern the day,
His love endures forever.

9 the moon and stars to govern the night;
His love endures forever.

10 to him who struck down the firstborn of Egypt
His love endures forever.

11 and brought Israel out from among them
His love endures forever.

12 with a mighty hand and outstretched arm;
His love endures forever.

13 to him who divided the Red Sea asunder
His love endures forever.

14 and brought Israel through the midst of it,
His love endures forever.

15 but swept Pharaoh and his army into the Red Sea;
His love endures forever.

16 to him who led his people through the desert,
His love endures forever.

17 who struck down great kings,
His love endures forever.

18 and killed mighty kings—
His love endures forever.

19 Sihon king of the Amorites
His love endures forever.

20 and Og king of Bashan—
His love endures forever.

21 and gave their land as an inheritance,
His love endures forever.

22 an inheritance to his servant Israel;
His love endures forever.

23 to the One who remembered us in our low estate
His love endures forever.

24 and freed us from our enemies,
His love endures forever.

25 and who gives food to every creature.
His love endures forever.

26 Give thanks to the God of heaven.
His love endures forever.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Night Snack

What a great night! I am enjoying some homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and cold milk with Ron. Sometimes it is the simplest things in life that are the best. Good night everyone.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Family Heirloom

This blanket was made by Naomi's Great Great Grandma. Ron and his siblings used to play with it and now Naomi can. What a beautiful treasure that can be passed down to the next generation.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Weekend to Remember

We had a fantastic time in Whistler. We have only been to Whistler in the summer time, but staying there in the winter was magical. The Fairmont Chateau Whistler was absolutely beautiful. We have never stayed in such a nice hotel.
The Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference was a great refresher for our marriage. It was nice to go and hear that we are already doing a lot of things right. We were able to have some great conversations throughout the weekend that brought us closer together as a couple. I left feeling encouraged and blessed.
I would recommend this marriage retreat to anyone who is married. It is a great time to get away and focus on the most important relationship in your life. If you are interested in going I have a 20% off coupon that you could use. The next retreats around here are in March in either Kelowna or Victoria. Think about going and investing in your marriage. If your marriage is good it could be great and if its struggling I am confident that it can get better. I hope this is not comming across to preachy, I just know that we have been so blessed by this experience and I hope you will be too.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Menu Planning Monday - Nov 24

This is my last week of NaBloPoMo, and I think it will be my last MMM for a while. I find it tricky to come up with original menu plans for each week. I have a handful of "go-to" recipes that I end of using fairly often and I feel like it would be really boring for you all to read about the same few meal over and over and over again. Unfortunately, I don't have any other ideas for what to post for today so you'll have to suffer through one more MMM.

Monday: Thank goodness my Mother-in-love called and invited us for dinner tonight. Yay, one less meal to come up with this week. Mmmm... I wonder what we are having?

Tuesday: BBQ Steak with Roasted Potatoes. This is my beloved's request and I am happy to oblige.

Wednesday: Slow cooker chicken and Rice.

Thursday: Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes.

Friday: BBQ Chicken and Pasta Salad.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom! Today on your special day I just wanted to let you and everyone else know how much I love you! I hope you have a wonderful day today and a great comming year. Sorry we are not around to celebrate today but I hope your day was good anyway. Love you! You are a great mom and a wonderful Oma to Naomi.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Getaway Weekend

I'm in Whistler for the weekend with my beloved. Staying at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler for a Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference. I'll tell you all about it on Tuesday.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Faithlift Friday - An Attitude of Gratitude

This week I have really been challenging myself to have an attitude of gratitude. While I was thinking about what to post this week for Faithlift Friday I remembered this poem that I posted a while ago. As I was re-reading it I was struck again by how much I have to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving Poem (Edited)

Lord, thank you for this sink of dirty dishes; we have plenty of food to eat.

Thank you for this pile of dirty, stinky laundry; we have plenty of nice clothes to wear.

And I would like to thank you, Lord, for those unmade beds; they were so warm and comfortable last night. I know that many have no bed.

My thanks to you, Lord for this bathroom, complete with all the splattered mirrors, soggy, grimy towels and dirty lavatory; they are so convenient.

Thank you for this finger-smudged refrigerator that needs cleaning. It has served us faithfully for many years. It is full of cold drinks and enough leftovers for two or three meals.

Thank you, Lord, for this oven that absolutely must be cleaned today; it has baked so many things over the years.

The whole family is grateful for that tall grass that needs mowing; we all enjoy the yard. Our family is healthy and able to run and play.

Lord, the presence of all these chores awaiting me I say that You have richly blessed my family. I shall do them cheerfully and I shall do them gratefully.

And when I see the dent on the front corner panel of my car, I am thankful for all the dents, creases and crashes you have protected me from.

Even though I clutch my blanket and growl when the alarm rings, thank you, Lord, that I can hear. There are many who are deaf.

Even though I keep my eyes closed against the morning light as long as possible, thank you, Lord, that I can see. Many are blind.

Even though I huddle in my bed and put off rising, thank you, Lord, that I have the strength to rise. There are many who are bedridden.

Even though I groan when Naomi is up during the night, thank you, Lord, that I have the opportunity to be a mother. There are many who wish they could be.

And Lord, as I think about the argument we had last night, it’s an honor to be loved by someone who cares enough to challenge me and keep short accounts.

Even though much of my day is hectic, when socks are lost, cookies are burned, and tempers are short, and my daughter so loud, thank you, Lord, for my family. There are many who are lonely.

Even though our house never looks like the magazine pictures and the meals at times not balanced, there are many who are cold and hungry.

Even though the routine of my job is often monotonous, thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to work. There are many who have no job.

When I consider the grocery bill, the gas bill, the hydro bill, the cable bill, the phone bill, the medical bill and all the other bills, I thank you that you are my provider…

…and with you, my debt is paid in full!


If you could add anything to this poem what would it be? What are you thankful for today?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

14 weeks along with Baby # 2

Here are some quick facts about how are little baby is doing now that I am 14 weeks pregnant. I thought it would be neat to do these updates periodically during this pregnancy, since I have less time these days to think about it. As my pregnancy ticker says only 180 days 'till baby is here. I will have to think of a nickname for this baby so that I can stop calling him or her #2.

Crown to rump, our baby is around 9 centimetres long and weighs one and a half ounces. The body is now growing faster than the head. This week, its parchment-thin skin covers itself with lanugo (ultra-fine, downy hair that usually disappears before birth). Though eyebrows are beginning to grow and the hair on top of the head is sprouting, this hair may change in both texture and colour after birth.

About now, the baby can grasp, squint, frown, and grimace. It may even be able to suck its thumb. Researchers believe these and other movements probably correspond to the development of impulses in the brain.

If you or someone you know is pregnant and you want to know about the baby's development check out this great website.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Cute Cousins

Naomi (20 months) and her cousin Kayla (12 months)

Check out another WW picture of the girls from almost one year ago here

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just Because...

Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks. I know the blog has been lacking in the picture department lately (silly NaBloPoMo). So, for the Oma's and Opa's and all of you who only stop by for the pictures.....

Check back tommorow for Wordless Wednesday...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Menu Planning Monday - Nov 17

Last week was basically a write off in terms of menu planning. I had great intentions as you can see here. But, I didn't follow through on any of my menu plan for the week (except for the invites, including a dinner invitation on Friday that I forgot about last week). Sheesh! I hope I can do better this week. So here we go.... including some repeats from last week.

Monday: Chicken Pilaf

Tuesday: Pasta Salad and Katletten

Wednesday: Steak and Boy Scout Potatoes

Thursday: BBQ Chicken and Rice a Roni

Friday: Going out to eat with my Hubby!

Have a great week folks! Come on play along!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


This morning Ron came out of the bathroom looking like this. He told me that it was is support of Movember. I agreed to let him go to church with the moustache on the condition that if anyone asked or commented about it he had to tell them it was in support of encouraging all men to get checked out for prostate cancer.

"This Movember - the month formerly known as November - men across Canada will grow a moustache to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer research. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, and one in seven Canadian males will be diagnosed in their lifetime. In fact, 24,700 will be diagnosed this year and 4,300 will die from prostate cancer this year. Movember was established to bring much needed attention to this serious disease, especially among males aged 25 to 40." Read the rest of the article here.
So ladies if you are reading this remind the men in your life to go see their doctor for a check up soon.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy (Belated) Birthday Kayla

Yesterday was my neice Kalya's 1st birthday. We had a great day celebrating.
I can't believe that it has been a whole year already that you have been here! It does not seem that long ago that you were this small.

Happy Birthday Sunshine Girl! We love you

Friday, November 14, 2008

FaithLift Friday - Psalm 121

Psalm 121

1 I lift up my eyes to the hills—
where does my help come from?

2 My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

3 He will not let your foot slip—
he who watches over you will not slumber;

4 indeed, he who watches over Israel
will neither slumber nor sleep.

5 The LORD watches over you—
the LORD is your shade at your right hand;

6 the sun will not harm you by day,
nor the moon by night.

7 The LORD will keep you from all harm—
he will watch over your life;

8 the LORD will watch over your coming and going
both now and forevermore.

This is my favorite Psalm. It always encourages me each time I read it. I hope that it ministers to you today. Feel free to share you Faithlift for today.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

47 Questions and Answers Meme

I was browsing for blogging material (as usual) and I stopped by A Mother's Walk and I read that she tagged anyone who wanted to play along. So I will consider myself tagged. Stay tuned at the end of this post to see if I tagged you. So without further ado.... 47 things you may or may not already know about me...

Yes, I was named after my mom's cousin. By the way, my cousin is named after her as well.

Last Friday while listening to a friend about her struggles.

Yup. I never used to like it very much, but now I guess its alright.

No doubt Turkey Breast, with a fresh sliced tomato and cheese.... Mmmmmmm

Yup. I guess you could say I have 2 : 1 on the outside and one on the inside.

Yup, I'm awesome. Seriously, how would you answer this question? Of course I want people to be friends with me.

Yeah, sometimes way to much. I have had people tell me that when they first meet me they don't know how to take me because I am so sarcastic. I guess I should work on that..... I just think that sarcasm can be so funny.

Yup... appendix not so much. Sorry, is that to much information?

NO. Not ever. Well, maybe for a million dollars, but it would have to be cash in advance.

Cold Cereal : Honey Nut Cheerios.
Hot Cereal: Cream of Wheat with milk and brown sugar.


Not really, the great thing is that I have a strong hubby who does all the heavy lifting around here.

Hmmmm, only one. I guess that would have to be Black Raspberry Cheesecake.

I have never thought of this before. I am going to have to give this some more thought.

Red for me, but I can't deny my love for pink when dressing Naomi.

My lack of motivation to exercise.

I miss my mind before I had Naomi. It used to be so sharp, but now I have placenta mind! I can't remember ANYTHING!

Of course. I would love for your to play along. I can't wait to read your answers.

None, I'm wearing socks.

A creamy caramel. They remind me of my Oma. She used to keep them on hand for her grandchildren when they came to visit.

The TV in the background, the hum of the dryer, and Naomi talking in her crib.

I think I would have to be Granny Smith Apple. For ideas for what color you would be check out this website

Fresh buns baking, and laundry right out of the dryer.

My Mom

Not really. I just started checking her blog about a week ago.

Hockey, Football, and Gymnastics

27. Hair Color?
Dark brown


Yup, everyday!

Mashed Potatoes with homemade gravy

Happy Endings

Goodness, I can't remember the last movie I watched from begining to end.

White T-shirt with a Lilac sweater over top.

Winter. Hot coffee and a good book in front of the fireplace is pretty hard to beat in my books

I guess it depends on who they are from :) Overall, Hugs for sure.

Chocolate Blattertorte.

Heidi Ens, but I hope everyone will play along.

I don't know.

I'm rereading Diana Gabaldon's Outlander for the 4th time. I love to reread books.

Don't have on. I am working on my laptop.

Canucks Hockey Game.

Naomi talking and singing.



I can sing, but I know that there are many, many, better singers than me.


Anyone who plays along.

I tag:
Heidi from Heidi's Beautiful Family
Esther from Schultz News
Debbie from Flowers in the Window
Alanna from The Latham Family

so if you are reading this and haven’t done it already, consider yourself TAGGED!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Window Into Our Conversation - Why

I have seen this on Debbie and Esther's blogs. Today presented the perfect opportunity to share a funny conversation.
We had just gotton home from running some errands in town this morning and were getting out of the car. Had you been a fly on the wall this is what you would have heard:
Me: "Ron, can you pop the trunk please?"
Ron: "Why?"
Me: "Because I put the diaper bag in the back with the stroller."
Ron: "Why?"
Me: "Because I did"
Ron: "Why" Then he opened the trunk and opened the door to get Naomi out of her car seat.

Ron: "OK Naomi, lets go"
Naomi: "Why?"
Ron: "We are going inside to have lunch."
Naomi" "Why?"
Ron: "Because we have to..."
Naomi: "Why?"
Ron looked at me and smiled as I laughed all the way to the front door.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - Nov 10

Last week went quite well. I made a few changes but overall I stuck to the plan. What a great relief to not worry about coming up with an idea for dinner every night. This week is not going to be anything fancy. How about you, are you going to play along this week? Come on, it will be fun! Link up here.

Monday - I am going out all morning, therefore I need something easy for dinner tonight. Hubby came home with hot dogs and buns last night. Sounds good to me. BBQ hot dogs and fruit salad, or for all you foodie types: Grilled bratwurst with crusty rolls and a beautiful medley of fall fruit with a simple sauce. Somehow presenting it that was seems to give it a bit of an elegant flair. I like it!

Tuesday - BBQ Chicken and Rice-a-Roni with steamed veggies. This is my hubby's request for a dinner this week. I am glad to send him out to man the BBQ for the meat portion of the meal. Fewer worries for me! The rice could not be easier to make, so I will have lots of time to play with Naomi while it is cooking.

Wednesday - It's our lucky day. We are invited to my parents house for dinner. I don't know what we are having, but I know we will enjoy every bite. I bet you're a little jealous. Two weeks in a row with an invite for dinner. I could get used to this.

Thursday - Steak and Boy Scout Potatoes. Again, this is cooked entirely on the BBQ! This is shaping up to be an easy week for me! For those of you who don't know Boy Scout Potatoes are: chopped up potatoes, onions, and canned corn all wrapped in tin foil with a bit of seasoning and olive oil. Then baked on the BBQ while the steaks bake. Yum! I think I might do my part in the kitchen and warm up a store bought garlic bread. Yeah, I know, I have it rough!

Friday - Shredded slow cooker chicken and pasta. This tasty and simple dinner is the perfect finish for this week. I'll put the chicken in the slow cooker around lunch and it will be perfect by the time dinner rolls around. The chicken has a delicious sauce and is a perfect accompaniment to pasta.

I hope your week is as delicious as mine. Don't forget to leave and comment and play along if you want. Have a great week!

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Well it took me until today to run out of things to say. I could just post a cute picture of Naomi, but Ron has the laptop out with him today. I could post something witty or intelligent, but I got nothin'. So this lame post will have to do. Check back tomorrow for Menu Planning Monday.
Sheesh, if I keep up with these lame posts my two regular readers will stop checking and any hope of new readers will be banished. Must find inspiration soon....... 1 week down 3 weeks to go in NaBloPoMo.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Embarassing Story (as promised)

This pregnancy has been very different so far. I suppose that should be self explanatory since it is not the same baby, but I was not prepared for the early pregnancy symptoms that have come along this time. I don't have the traditional morning sickness, but rather I have been feeling really nauseated from 4-7 every evening. This really sucks cause I have NO desire to be anywhere near food, and that means that Ron ends up having to cook more often. Although I feel really sick I had not thrown up unitl.....
A few weekends ago I went away to the states for the weekend with my girlfriends. We shopped and shopped all day on Saturday and only stopped for a quick lunch. Around dinner time we talked about having a snack but we just didn't. We had planned to go eat at the Cheesecake Factory for a late dinner, so we headed into downtown Seatle around 9:00pm.
Once we got there the host told us there was a wait of approx. 30 minutes so we waited...and waited.... and waited. One and a half hours later we finally got a seat. All of us were so exhaused and hungry by this time we were all off in our own little worlds. I was not feeling well by this time and I knew that I needed to get something in my stomach. I ordered a rasberry lemondade and downed it as soon as it came. This proved to be a mistake! After we ordered I was still feeling badly so I left to use the restroom. When I got back our food had arrived. I took one bite of the chicken tortilla that I had ordered and promptly puked into my cloth napkin. I looked up and told my friends, "I am going to need your napkin". I proceeded to puke 3 more times into the napkins and then I felt a lot better.
The only pluse side to this story is that I managed to avoid getting any on myself or making any unappetizing sounds. My friends were very impressed at my ability to be discrete thought the whole process.
I hope that we can go back to the Cheesecake Factory soon and create better memories.
Do you have any embarassing stories that you would like to share? I would love to hear them

Friday, November 07, 2008

Faithlift Friday

"He tends his flock like a shepherd:
He gathers the lambs in his arms
and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young."
Isaiah 40:11

This verse has been coming to mind a lot during this past week. It was read during last Sunday mornings service and it has ministered to me ever since. As a mother the imagery in this verse is especially meaningful. I love the image of Jesus carrying me in His arms and holding me close to his heart, just as I hold Naomi close to mine. The last line is a powerful reminder of the special care that Jesus has for young mothers. I am so blessed to be reminded that He takes a gentle approach to those who are caring for young children. He knows how draining and demanding parenting can be. I often loose sight of God's care for me while I am focusing on caring for those around me. It is a good reminder to slow down and allow God to carry me in his arms, to lead me gently, and accept the extra grace given to me because I am a mother.
This has been and encouragement to me, and I hope it is for you as well.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Toliet Trauma

I found this while browsing through the blogrolls of some of the blogs that read regularly. It was originaly posted on MySpace but you can find it at A Mother's Walk. It made me smile, I hope it makes you smile too.

ISN’​T THIS THE TRUTH​ ?​?​?​?​?​?​

When you have to visit​ a publi​c bathr​oom,​ you usual​ly find a line of women​,​ so you smile​ polit​ely and take your place​.​ Once it’s your turn,​ you check​ for feet under​ the stall​ doors​.​ Every​ stall​ is occup​ied.​

Final​ly,​ a door opens​ and you dash in, nearl​y knock​ing down the woman​ leavi​ng the stall​.​ You get in to find the door won’​t latch​.​ It doesn​’​t matte​r,​ the wait has been so long you are about​ to wet your pants​!​ The dispe​nser for the moder​n “​seat cover​s”​ (​inven​ted by someo​ne’​s Mom, no doubt​)​ is handy​,​ but empty​.​ You would​ hang your purse​ on the door hook,​ if there​ was one, but there​ isn’​t - so you caref​ully,​ but quick​ly drape​ it aroun​d your neck,​ (Mom would​ turn over in her grave​ if you put it on the FLOOR​!​ ), yank down your pants​,​ and assum​e ” The Stanc​e.​”

In this posit​ion your aging​,​ tonel​ess thigh​ muscl​es begin​ to shake​.​ You’​d love to sit down,​ but you certa​inly hadn’​t taken​ time to wipe the seat or lay toile​t paper​ on it, so you hold “The Stanc​e.​”

To take your mind off your tremb​ling thigh​s,​ you reach​ for what you disco​ver to be the empty​ toile​t paper​ dispe​nser.​ In your mind,​ you can hear your mothe​r’​ s voice​ sayin​g,​ “​Honey​,​ if you had tried​ to clean​ the seat,​ you would​ have KNOWN​ there​ was no toile​t paper​!​”​ Your thigh​s shake​ more.​

You remem​ber the tiny tissu​e that you blew your nose on yeste​rday - the one that’​s still​ in your purse​.​ (Oh yeah,​ the purse​ aroun​d your neck,​ that now, you have to hold up tryin​g not to stran​gle yours​elf at the same time)​.​ That would​ have to do. You crump​le it in the puffi​est way possi​ble.​ It’s still​ small​er than your thumb​nail

Someo​ne pushe​s your door open becau​se the latch​ doesn​’​t work.​ The door hits your purse​,​ which​ is hangi​ng aroun​d your neck in front​ of your chest​,​ and you and your purse​ toppl​e backw​ard again​st the tank of the toile​t.​ “​Occup​ied!​”​ you screa​m,​ as you reach​ for the door,​ dropp​ing your preci​ous,​ tiny,​ crump​led tissu​e in a puddl​e on the floor​,​ lose your footi​ng altog​ether​,​ and slide​ down direc​tly onto the TOILE​T SEAT.​ It is wet of cours​e.​ You bolt up, knowi​ng all too well that it’s too late.​ Your bare botto​m has made conta​ct with every​ imagi​nable​ germ and life form on the uncov​ered seat becau​se YOU never​ laid down toile​t paper​ - not that there​ was any, even if you had taken​ time to try. You know that your mothe​r would​ be utter​ly appal​led if she knew,​ becau​se,​ you’​re certa​in her bare botto​m never​ touch​ed a publi​c toile​t seat becau​se,​ frank​ly,​ dear,​ “You just don’​t KNOW what kind of disea​ses you could​ get.”

By this time,​ the autom​atic senso​r on the back of the toile​t is so confu​sed that it flush​es,​ prope​lling​ a strea​m of water​ like a fire hose again​st the insid​e of the bowl that spray​s a fine mist of water​ that cover​s your butt and runs down your legs and into your shoes​.​ The flush​ someh​ow sucks​ every​thing​ down with such force​ that you grab onto the empty​ toile​t paper​ dispe​nser for fear of being​ dragg​ed in too.
At this point​,​ you give up. You’​re soake​d by the spewi​ng water​ and the wet toile​t seat.​ You’​re exhau​sted.​ You try to wipe with a gum wrapp​er you found​ in your pocke​t and then slink​ out incon​spicu​ously​ to the sinks​.​

You can’​t figur​e out how to opera​te the fauce​ts with the autom​atic senso​rs,​ so you wipe your hands​ with spit and a dry paper​ towel​ and walk past the line of women​ still​ waiti​ng.​

You are no longe​r able to smile​ polit​ely to them.​ A kind soul at the very end of the line point​s out a piece​ of toile​t paper​ trail​ing from your shoe.​ (​Where​ was that when you NEEDE​D it?​?​)​ You yank the paper​ from your shoe,​ plunk​ it in the woman​’​s hand and tell her warml​y,​ “​Here,​ you just might​ need this.​”

As you exit,​ you spot your hubby​,​ who has long since​ enter​ed,​ used,​ and left the men’​s restr​oom.​ Annoy​ed,​ he asks,​ “​What took you so long,​ and why is your purse​ hangi​ng aroun​d your neck?​”​

This is dedic​ated to women​ every​where​ who deal with a publi​c restr​ooms (​rest?​?​?​ you’​ve GOT to be kiddi​ng!​!​)​.​ It final​ly expla​ins to the men what reall​y does take us so long.​ It also answe​rs their​ other​ commo​nly asked​ quest​ions about​ why women​ go to the restr​oom in pairs​.​ It’s so the other​ gal can hold the door,​ hang onto your purse​ and hand you Kleen​ex under​ the door!​

This HAD to be writt​en by a woman​!​ No one else could​ descr​ibe it so accur​ately​!​

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes.....

This evening while watching the result of the presidential election on CNN, we asked Naomi if she could say Obama.

Ron: "Naomi, can you say Obama?"
Naomi: "Oh Boy Mamma"
We laughed so hard.

Congratulations to our neighbours to the south and to the president incumbent Barrack Obama.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Too Much Already?

NaBloPoMo has barely started and already my Dear Husband is already teasing me about the computer being an extension of my body. He went as far as to suggest that I find a laptop clip (like a cell phone clip) and attach the computer to my body so that I could have it with me wherever I go! Hmmmm.... Will I make it through the month if he is already feeling neglected? Therefore, this post will be short. Time to spend some quality time with my family. See you tomorrow.
PS If I find a laptop clip I might just have to use it :)

Menu Planning Monday

I'm an Organizing Junkie hosts this meme every week at her blog, so I joined in. If you want to get in on the fun check out the guidelines here
As promised here is my first installment of Menu Planning Monday! This is my attempt to answer the age old question that comes into every wife's head around 4:30pm: What should I make for dinner? Here's my plan for the week.

Monday: Luckily we are invited to Ron's Oma and Opas's house for dinner tonight. Yum! Dinner always seems to taste better when it is made by someone else. I'm not sure what is on the menu, but it is bound to be delicious.

Tuesday: BBQ Farmer Sausage and Rice with Tomato salad. This simple and quick dinner is always a hit at our house. I can't go wrong when I make some delicious Remple's Farmer Sausage.

Wednesday: I am heading out for dinner to celebrate my good friend Michelle's birthday. Ron and Naomi will probably enjoy some tasty Sloppy Joes or some good old fashioned meatloaf with mashed potatoes.

Thursday: Chicken and Rice Pilaf with steamed veggies. By this time in the week it is defiantly time to add some chicken to the dinner routine. This dinner is Naomi's favorite. She loves nearly any dish that combined rice and chicken,

Friday: Katletten with Pasta Salad and raw veggies with dip. Kattletlen are small homemade meatballs that are deep fried in oil on the stove top. They are delicious but certainly should not be eaten too often. The pasta salad is simple with eggs and cut up pickles. I'm looking forward to it!

Saturday and Sunday: I find that over planning my menu for the week gets to be a little overwhelming. I usually leave the weekends open for a spontaneous get together or going out to eat.

So there you have it my plan for the week. I think that it will be good. What are you going to make for dinner this week?

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ideas for the month

I have been thinking today about how I am going to fill 30 posts full of content. The easiest way will be to follow "meme" themes for at least a few days of the week. I already participate in Wordless Wednesday, but I think I will add a few more. I have decided that a theme for 3 days of the week would work well. So here is what you have to look forward to.
Menu Planning Monday - I'll tell you what I plan to make for dinner for the rest of the week. Sometimes reading these lists on anther blog has inspired me to shake up my dinner routine.
Wordless Wednesday - I'll continue this one. Just a picture that needs little or no explanations. This means I will have to have my camera out more often to capture those priceless momments.
Faith lift Friday - I'll share a Scripture or a thought about my faith every Friday.
I hope you will enjoy these and you may even want to play along if you have a blog. Leave a comment and let me know if you want to join me in these themed days and I might even add a Mr. Linky to the end of my posts.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Well, I have decided to pick up the pace of this blog by challenging myself to join in NaBloPoMo for the month of November. NaBloPoMo is just an abbreviation of National Blog Posting Month. All the particiapants sign up and commit to bloging at least once every day for the month of November. That's right folks 30 posts in the next 30 days. Buckle your seat belts! I am looking forward to it. I hope that I have enough creativity in my to last for 30 days. See you tomorrow!
"To laugh often and much, to win
the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false
friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, or a garden patch... to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This
is to have succeeded!" - Emerson