Wednesday, October 31, 2007

She's on Strike!

Well, my little girl is on a nursing strike. It started yesterday morning when she bit me really hard. I jumped and sternly told her not to bite Mommy. She was startled and started crying. Ever since every time I put her in the nursing position she just starts to cry. So frustrating for her and for me! I feel so guilty for making her afraid, but nor do I enjoy being bitten by two very sharp teeth! Ahhh! I ended up pumping because I was so uncomfortable, and Naomi eagerly took the bottle when we offered it to her.
I thought that she might nurse during the night when she was half asleep, but no such luck. She cried and cried until we gave her a bottle, and then I had to pump afterwards. So instead of nursing her while we are both half asleep we were all up for over an hour in the middle of the night.
Today is still the same as yesterday. I did some research and read that nursing strikes can last a few days or even a week. We will see how she is doing in a few days. I hope this strike does not last as long as the Civic Strike in Vancouver :)

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Debbie said...

YIKES - I think if my baby bit me I'd be the one going on strike! I don't blame you for being stern!

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