Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Night Football

It has been Ron and Dennis' Monday night tradition for the past 8 years to get together to watch football. Each year they make predictions about who will win the Monday night football games. The person who gets the most right gets taken out for wings by the one who lost. The friendly competition makes it more fun to watch.
I got in on the party when Ron and I started dating. I soon came to realize that Ron and football were a packaged deal, so I made it a point to learn about the game and to understand the rules. I must admit that my interest in football in the beginning was 100% due my interest in Ron, however now over 5 years later I look forward to Monday Night. Ron and I even made our own wager for the who would win the Monday night games. Our wager: One week of doing the dishes, no complaining, with a smile (We don't have a dishwasher). Current score: Raine - 5, Ron - 4. It could get interesting.
Tonight is a special Monday Night game because Ron's favorite team the Green Bay Packers are playing the Denver Broncos. This year the Packers have only one Monday night game so it had to be special. Ron really wanted to go all out so he decided to make his own wings. We picked up pizza, chicken wings and Cajun sauce from Costco. Ron barbecued the wings first and then tossed them in the sauce. They turned out great!

Here are the guys enjoying the wings and pizza.

When the Packers play Ron likes to wear his Packers gear and sit in this special chair.

Here is all that is left from 2 kg of wings. That is a lot of wings for two guys, but they polished them off without missing a beat!

Of course we had to snap some pictures of Naomi cheering for Daddy's team.


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