Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lancets, Strips, and Blood

I thought that it was time to post an update of my gestational diabetes saga. Last Tuesday I had my first appointment at the diabetes center located at MSA hospital. I was pretty nervous about what it would be like, but my fears were soon laid to rest when I met the wonderful nurse and dietitian who take care of all the diabetics in the area. They are so sweet and instantly put me at ease about the entire situation.
I started by filling in some forms about my information and watching a video about gestational diabetes. I was familiar with most of the information that they presented, except when they mentioned that women with GD are often induced to begin their labour as early as 38 weeks! Wow, that means that we could see our baby as early as March 8th. So much to do........ but I am getting distracted.
After I watched the video I met with the dietitian and discussed what kinds of food I can eat. I was encouraged to hear that I was already doing a good job of eating what I should. Basically it boils down to eating according the Canadian food guide (a good idea whether you are pregnant or not) and staying away from sugar. I was please to find out that I can still eat fruit and even indulge with some artificial sweeteners if I really need something sweet. I felt very encouraged and empowered when I left that meeting armed with the knowledge that I was able to control my blood glucose levels.
Next I saw the nurse who showed me how to prick my finger with a lancet (fancy name for a really sharp needle that makes you bleed). Then she gave me a tester kit with the strips that will tell me how high my glucose levels are. I need to test myself 7 times a day (before and after each meal and once before I go to sleep. So far they have been pretty good, with a few that have been higher than ideal. The nurse reminded me that a few spikes in my glucose levels is nothing to worry about, rather I should be concerned with trends of high levels.
My first week has gone quite well and I am going to the diabetic clinic again tomorrow so that they can see how I have done this week and to give me some more encourgement and information. Then on Wednesday I am off to see my doctor again. Either the doctor or the diabetic clinic would like to see me each week, so I guess I will get very familiar with the routine.
All in all I feel very good, I have decided that there is no sense in getting all worked up about something that I cannot control. I will just do my best to control my glucose levels and leave the rest up to God. I know that He loves this baby just as much as we do.

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