Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You say Party, We say....


Last week was filled with celebrating Naomi's birthday. On Thursday morning we had a party with her little friends. It was so cute to see them all together. We played together for a few hours and had hot dogs for lunch before it was time for everyone to go home and have a nap. This is the best picture we could get of all the kids together. I know that this picture will be a great memory to look back on when the kids get older. I love looking back at the pictures for myself at my friends parties when I was a baby. If you want to see one click here. (That's me in the infant seat)
On Saturday we had a family party. It was great having both sides of the family together, including many of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Even all of Naomi's great-grandparents where there! We are so lucky to have so much family so close by that can watch Naomi grow up!

The evening included a dinner of burgers, salads, fruits, and veggies. Of course, no birthday party would be complete without Birthday Cake. Our friend Victoria makes wonderful cakes and offered to make one for Naomi's party. It turned out great!
The weekend was an awesome time to celebrate with our family and friends who love our little girl almost as much as we do :) Thanks to everyone who came. It was wonderful to party with you all.

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Heidi Ens said...

Wow, so cool to see a picture of all the little kids. What an amazing memory for them and for you girls. I love the picture of when you and your friends were small.

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is to have succeeded!" - Emerson