Monday, July 14, 2008

Say Cheese!

I am so spoiled! For my birthday my parents, in-laws, and wonderful husband bought me a new camera. Oooo, I LOVE it! I have been wishing for a new camera for quite awhile, but since our camera was still working well there was no need to get a new one. I really enjoy taking pictures and wanted a camera that had a few more features than just the basic point and click kind.
Imagine how excited I was when I opened my present and THIS was inside! I find it really easy to use and it takes great pictures. I am still getting used to all the additional options and settings. I have been snaping pictures like crazy!
Here are some of the great pictures that I took last night at my party. Enjoy!

Dinner at the Old Spagetti Factory and the rest of the evening at Mill Lake Park playing Jarts and Auzzie Football. I love birthdays!

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Heidi Ens said...

go "All Blacks" Josh got a rugby ball from Daniel too.

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