Thursday, September 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Daniel!

My baby brother is 21! He has been attending Capenwray in New Zeland since January, so he is not at home for his birthday. We miss you Dan!
Happy Birthday Daniel! The countdown is on until you come home. Naomi can't wait to meet her Uncle Dan!
The way we remember him:

The way he looks now:

What a change! Dan, I really like your beard and long hair. It suits you and makes you look older! I bet the girls like it too ;) Happy Birthday, I hope that your day is wonderful!

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Michael & Esther said...

just thot I'd make a comment, so you know that I'm reading...Dan sure does look different from how I remember him way back when! You've got some great pictures of Naomi, they're great! I hope that I am as diligent in taking pretty pictures of my kids when I get to that stage! (right now neither Michael or I likes to be responsible for the camer). have fun with introducing solid foods!

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is to have succeeded!" - Emerson